Rainbow near Armidale NSW

One of the most beautiful cities in all of Australia, Armidale NSW is truly stunning. It's a town that experiences the true four seasons, and they can as locals will tell you all happen in one day.

So where exactly is Armidale? Well it's approximately 2.5 West of Coffs Harbour, and situated roughly half way between Brisbane and Sydney. It sits high upon the Great Dividing Range and is also Australia's highest city at around 1000m asl.

Things to see and do? Well we have one of the best Universities in Regional Australia, The University of New England (

We also have some amazing natural scenery and wonderful Gorge Country to see. Below the amazing Dangars Falls and Gorge

Dangars Gorge

Armidale is a fantastic place to visit and stay a while and check out the amazing local scenery. I am also soon going to be offering guided local tours and scenic photography opportunities. Stay tuned for more updates.

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